Monday, August 10, 2009


I really feel for President O'bama. It seems like he has faced more scrutiny in his two hundred days then maybe any president in history. Every time you turn on cable news, him or his policies or being broke down as some type of socialist agenda. To hear some tell it our president is a the second coming of Hitler and is trying to make our country the evil empire. The sad thing is their is something that noone on these news programs are unwilling to look at. It is straight racism plain and simple. Look at some of the language that is being used. Look at some of the signs people are putting up at these town meetings. The right does not want to admit it, but they ae still having a hard time coming to terms that we have an African -american president. Now if they were just disagreed with the presidents policies that would be fair game. What has been said bluntly about President O'bama must not and can not be tolerated.(i.e. the comment about the gorilla glue). I it is time that people stand up and hold these representives of our government accountable for their untolerable behavior.